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fresh apple pielots of peepsnew chickenslove the new babiesgrowingmy new chicken bootswaiting for hatchinggardeningblue skiessignawh babynew signhellotop dognap time
baby goatAnthony and Pearlawh we get to be in the housepuddingcan I helpwhat wrongAbby and Deanna little goatsRob and the Ledge Hill Farm wagon at the Cardigan Mt Apple OrchardHay while the sun shinesAnthony at an equipment expo in VT.. Sitting in a wheel wella splash of color to beautify our mountainGod's Glorious gift of a sunriseon the job transportationKnickers the ncalf born April 14th, 2011Anthony loves Papa and tractorthings  you can find on the farm standAnthony sitting upon the new tractorwinter in its gloryRob & Anthony and the tractorShareSlideShow
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array of different colors or specify your own
Price: $5.00
Soups in a Jar
country soup recipe in a jar
Price: $8.00
Lap quilts
different Lap Quilts available
Price: $20.00
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