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Still winter
Summer 2018
Sept 18, 2017--Fall arrives
Waiting for Spring of 2017 to arrive
Dec 14,2015


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Still winter

Evening  from the mountain.  Winter is still here. Another storm headed our way Sunday.. So wishing for spring, even looking forward to mud season. 
Almost time to start tapping trees also.. Love Maple syrup. We go thru alot....trying to be more all natural.

New additions from last post,, we have 4 new sheep ewes. 3 have given birth, we have 3 new lambs so far. 1 is a bottle baby in the house ,,his name is Bo..adorable sweetest little thing.
 Its been great to see the  sun the late couple days,, so over winter.  The older I get the less I like the winters. Wish I had my green house,, cuz my hinny would be playing in some garden

So many plans for the summer,,, cant wait.. seeds to order,, babies being born. Outside work to do to get done.. Fencing and new buildings. New farm store.  Exciting stuff.

Still working Avon and Paparazzi as side jobs to bring in a little bit extra.
Just finished making whoopie pies for the fishing derby tomorrow. Should have a great turn out,, going to be nice.
Getting some extra exercise tomorrow we get to cut and split wood , love it..

Well on that note thinking I am going to say good night. Kind of tired tonight..

God bless


Summer 2018

Good morning... Summer has officially arrived here on the mountain!

Everything is bright and green.

 Planting is being done, gardens being put in. 

Hay season has also begun,we have already finished 1 field. Several more to go. Its an awesome sight to see and smell the fresh new seasons hay filling the barn.

The farm is busy with new babies. In March we bought 13 new baby goats, we did end up selling 4.. So by this time next year will will be in the goat milking business for sure and should have babies for sale our selves.

Oh my gracious the bunnies we have ,, Thinking we are at about 80 right now. Most are a meat breed type rabbit. I don't breed for an special variety. We just want rabbits. I did buy several large breeds for this reason and they are having awesome babies . So now we have some for sale.
Someone ask me one day how can you eat those cute bunnies?  Easy,, I eat my pigs, chickens, turkeys,, why should bunnies be any different. This is a working farm,, this is a as much as possible self sufficient working farm. Each year we try to add to our own reliability. Where we depend on just us. The more I know whats in the food I feed my family the better off they will be. 

Cant wait to get back to milking again,, Excited to be back on the farm working.
Took a yr and half off the farm working at the shop and that didnt do as we had hoped,, so bringing everything back full circle to the farm.

Still alot to do before the summer is over. Many new improvements to the farm are needed to keeps things running smoothly and easily for me to manage everything.

As soon as the gardens are in ,, its going to be fencing the top pasture in to get everyone up in the nice green grass, and it will cut the hay usage down for the summer.

Berry season is finally here, strawberries are just coming ready so will be picking some and  getting them preserved for winters use. Blueberries are still a couple weeks out,, but we are ready when they are.

Well the clock on the wall says I have taken a long enough break and need to get about chores.

You all have a blessed Sunday.. Remember to give thanks for all things great and small

God Bless for the 
Simple Farm Girl

Sept 18, 2017--Fall arrives

Good morning from ledge Hill Farm. fall has arrived at the mountain. The homestead is busting with vivid colors of fall. The maple trees are brighter red than normal. 

The mountains around us are coming alive with a patch work of mother natures handy work of colors.
 The Animals are getting thicker coats in  prepping for winter.

Today on the homestead will be busy  cleaning cages, moving kritters.
Blessed to know the woodshed is full, the hay barn is full.

The garden is almost done, not a very good year for my garden, the rain made everything late in planting,, Then it constantly rained all summer.. Working off the Homestead made it also difficult to keep up with things.

Today is a day of decluttering and purging my home for winter. This house collect stuff.
Things appear and grow with out knowledge. Til all of a sudden its where did all this stuff come from,, and its just stuff.. Over whelming overloaded stuff..

I got to spend 24 hrs in Maine this past Saturday in a house  that was simple,, off the grid,, basic  and I was content,, happy ,, uncluttered..  Time to do this to my home.
My homestead should not be overwhelming to  the eyes or the mind in things that Just need to be done constantly. When you don't feel at peace in your home,, its time to change things. To much stuff over whelms the senses,, To much clutters the house to where its not a home any more. To much stuff is just that stuff.

So today will be a day of striving to get that done.
There are 8 people living in my home and 8 peoples stuff,, and 8 people bring more in,,,
Enough,,,,,a home is to feel welcoming not over whelming,, and walking into mine I feel stress,, overwhelming as to why, how come, and I dont like being here.. Time to change it...
Garden will be pulled up today for the most part as the chickens are eating it faster than I can harvest it,, since I feel like I am never here. I miss not being home.. I miss not taking care of my house to make it a home.. I miss home.. I love my shop off the farm and will continue but there has to be a happy medium some where,,  Where everything meets and works together.  And I don't feel like I am doing all the work in both places.

Between cleaning cages, and dump run, garden tending, cooking and canning it will be a full day. Dr's appointment for my children to get their new glasses.. Planning and helping with a wedding in 12 days.. Yup its busy around here..
I sure hope you had a great summer,,, I hope your fall is full a life and color..

Hugs and prayers til the next time I find 5 minutes to say hello.

From the Simple farm girl
God Bless


Waiting for Spring of 2017 to arrive

Good afternoon my shop. Homestead Creations. It was a very busy winter as my family open Homestead Creations. A local craft and gift type shop in town.
With winter(we are hoping ) almost over finally we are excited about spring and summer.
Another snow storm is headed our way tomorrow night into Saturday and we are all hoping that is it, Old Man Winter has been evicted,,its time to get out of here.

Looking forward to starting my seeds, planting our garden, working here in the shop and at the racetrack I cook at.
The farm is still alive and kicking, I cant remember when I wrote last,, but we still have goats and turkeys, chickens,ducks, guinea hens, rabbits and of course Bob the Horse. Looking to raise lambs and maybe a couple beef kritters and pigs this year and that will take care of the veggies and meat  supplies.

At some point I will get to where I will learn the art of spinning and using my own wool, and have the time and talent to make cheeses and yogurt.. I miss not having homemade butter from my own cows.
My aim is still to be self sufficient and raise everything we can possibly raise.

I finally am able to start making clothes again. Now we have 3 grand children living with us again and  I see summer clothes being made.

I know the children are asking for animals of their own ,, which is awesome,, Never to young to learn to be responsible.

We are all itching to get outside in the sun,, to have the feets of snow melt away. To bask in the sunlight in a t shirt. Evening walks at dusk...

Hoping this year we can get the buggy back  in shape and go for rides. Some day to have a covered wagon and come to town,, how cool will that be.
The children will be just beside themselves to finally get to ride in a wagon.

Just wanted to check into see how you all faired the winter. I am getting the web site back up and running now I have the shop to add to it.

Have an awesome day..
Be blessed and a blessing
Hugs and prayers  from Homestead Creations and Ledge Hill Farm

The Simple Farm Girl

Dec 14,2015

Good morning from the mountain.
  We are almost 1/2 thru December and we have no snow. I am feeling blessed.
It is actually raining here today, suppose to rain for a couple days. Wont hurt my feelings a bit to have a green Christmas. The temperatures have been nice enough to only use the pellet stove to take the chill off in the morning. Saves on the wood pile that's for sure.
Worked yesterday stacking more wood in the basement to be able to have dryer wood during the winter chills.
Barn yard is looking awesome, getting everything cleaned up and taken care of before snow does fall, and we know at some point the snow will fall.
We have all the animals in their winter pens, which is awesome for me and chores.
Nice to have the goats closer especially during birthing. Nice to see the hay barn finished. Chicken coop is finished. Duck pen next. They seem to end up in the garage,, but temps aren't cold yet. Will make them and enclosed house this week.

Been working on a lot of Christmas gifts. Hats and mittens, lots of gift baskets to start next week. Christmas orders have been flowing in for baked goodies.

We don't have our tree up yet, that will happen this week. We only have a small one and it sits on a table,, little dogs would have a field day.

Coming up with Christmas dinner menu, trying to go back to older days when they ate only what they grew or raised. Thinking back to what my momma made, there was Indian  puddings, hard sauce, brown breads, hot breads, beans, some meat whether a turkey or ham for our animals, deviled eggs. Momma could make cookies,, I cant make a cookie to save my life.
I remember picking cranberry's on the mountain, and mom cooking them up for either Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Always lots of pies, apples, pumpkins, blueberry.
So a lot of prep coming up this week. Happy to have my brothers stopping by  for dinner.

With both Rob and I working from home now,, homesteading is a major part of both our days not just mine. As soon as rain stops,, we will go to the pasture and bring down all the cut firewood that can be used for the furnace or my kitchen cook stove.
Hoping after the first of the year we can save money to get another wall finished now the electrical has been finished. Been along time since the house has been tore apart ,,being put back together has been a slow process. But getting there now. Front wall is now finished to second floor. Everything takes time.

Well I suppose my coffee is finished so I should get back to work.

Daily chores of kritters and house work are calling my name.

I hope today finds you happy and healthy. I send hugs and prayers from my homestead to your home where ever it may be.

Prayers & Blessings

Merry Christmas


The Simple Farm Girl

Rainy Day On The Mountain

A rainy day here on the mountain.
The snow has melted for the most part, a few piles still hang around, but will most likely be gone after the rain. Its suppose to clear off and be nice this after noon,,lets hope. I have some rose bushes I would like to plant and raspberry bushes.

 Picked up 37 chicks yesterday on sale, one of those not ya just cant pass it up deals. We have 75 more chicks arriving Monday. 50 meat breed and 25 more pullets. My house will be a peep factory for a few  weeks til it really warms up to  be able to put them in the barn.

Hoping to get the new goat pens built this weekend and be able to bring them home soon.

As soon as it dries out enough we will be heading to the pasture to do the fencing.

Shouldn't have problem having enough wood next year for winters use. There are a lot of tree down on the fence line.

Itching to get the garden in. But I know its way to early and even the water to the barn hasn't thawed yet. Just seems like a very long cold winter. I am hoping once a lot of the summers work is finished we might be able to build a green house. So next spring I will have a pace to start my seedlings earlier and they wont be in my kitchen and living room.
Deanna and Anthony and I did start cleaning out some of the flower bed the other day while it was beautiful out. Didn't dare to really plant anything yet we still have a chance of a good frost.

Yard clean up is going well, we have been cleaning as the snow has melted so once the metal run is done and the rest goes to the dump, wont look so bad.

Thinking since its a rainy day, some baking is in order. need to get my beans soaking for tomorrow night supper and  maybe make a cake or cream horns.

Time to go start lunch time chores and check on every one.

I hope you have a great weekend

God Bless

The Simple Farm Girl

April--Spring has sprung--sort of

April has arrived here on the mountain. Spring did not show up the same day.

Today is the 6th of April, the snow has melted, ever so slowly but it has melted.

Today the dryer has been unplugged till next winter. Some people not so happy,, one person is, ME...

Taking a break from cleaning up after yesterday. I sitting here looking out across the mountain, Its snowing again... I have had about enough snow,, this has been one long and very cold winter.

As the snow melts I have been trying to pick up the yard.( see me laughing)
Where did all this STUFF come from? I don't remember this stuff being  in the yard before snow fall.

I know there is certain things that happen over the winter that isn't noticeable till spring, like manure piles in extreme or buckets might be left out. But come on.
Anyone else have these problems or is it just on my farm stuff appears over night?

We did get the notice our baby chicks will be here on the 20th, 50 meat birds and 25 new layers. Hold me back with excitement.

Haven't gotten to bring Anthony's 2 baby goats home yet as the snow is still deeper than they are tall. Here's to hoping by May. Still looking for milkers and meat breeds and a couple lambs.
I have the chance to pick up a couple more goats also, but need again the snow to melt to get them to pasture land.

So Ole Man Winter ya notice ya holding up a whole lot of my work.. Beat it---- kickin your butt to the curb....

We have all our seeds ready to go, but don't dare to start them just yet, they would be way to tall before I could get them in the ground, so will wait til end of April. Might find the garden by then.

Even picked up 4 raspberry bushes to plant. We all love  berries and need to grow more buy less. Want to put in a complete berry section, with strawberries and, black berries, raspberries, blueberries.

One more step in that self sufficient goal.
My dream is to raise everything possible, grains, meats, vegetables, dairy, make our cheeses and butters.  Our goal.

My dream is to live OFF the Grid, not so sure if it is our dream but it is mine. LOL

Mind is rambling today- cabin fever has ahold and wont let go.. Sorry
Sometimes in my world I feel like I am living 2 different lives and so torn to which one is truly me. I guess in my heart I know. But just cuz my heart says one thing doesn't mean its best for my family.
My worlds collide in lifestyles. There is my farmer/little house on the prairie life and then there is my business life selling Avon/ with make, panty hose and heels.
Well let me tell ya they collide hard.  I love them both, but cant seem to give 100% to either and it shows in my  cash flow.
Sometimes I feel like I need to choose just 1 and make it work. Well just 1 would have to be farming, cuz lotions and perfume wont feed me when SHTF. Hard to go deliver product with dirt under your nails and a egg in your pocket. LOL some just get the humor in  it. Then again its hard to do chores and have piggy kisses with make up done , nails done and not leave the barn smelling like you live in a barn. So for now I will continue the juggling act.

Think I am having just one of those days, Cabin Fever is kickin my butt. want to do so much out side and cant. Tired of being inside, but also tired of bundling up and feeling like a snow man to go outside.
Maybe I just need a nap. LOL
Need to get back sewing and finding me. Wheres my knitting needles and crochet hooks. Havent made any clothes in such a long time, to easy to buy them from Avon and then complain cuz they don't fit me right because I have gained so much weight.
Need to dig out my bloomers and prairie dress and granny boots,,, put the make  up away, stop dying my hair to keep looking younger(not working by the way), find my rolling pins, sewing machines, hoes and shovels and dig me some dirt.

Did get to go for a walk yesterday for the first time in months and months. We stopped and looked at my little lilac trees and tiny little buds are forming and if it ever warms up they will unfold in to little leaves and grow bigger this year.

Our butternut tree that took a direct hit last year from the microburst, looks pretty sad also has buds appearing. New growth, new life, new goals...... now waiting for the new season to get here.

Done rambling for today,, Thanks for hanging out with me. .Don't always have one of these kinds of days but when I do they are a doozie.

God Bless

The Simple Farm Girl

March 2015

Good morning from the mountain.
A simply gorgeous sun rise was enjoyed. As we have now turned our  clocks ahead I am enjoying the longer hours at night of daylight.
Spring is just a few weeks away but you would never know it by the height of our snow banks.
I am so done with winter. I have noticed over the years I don't enjoy the snow as I did as a kid.
Perfect place would be tropical 70* tops maybe a gentle breeze to blow thru. Being able to grow things year round. Guessing that wont be NH any time soon.
I believe Ole Man Winter has been confused the past few years, I watch several live cams from Alaska and their snow fall has fallen off and has drifted down to what they call the lower 48,, It really didn't need to stop in my yard.

But as spring meanders closer the thoughts of what to raise each year  is always a big debate. More chickens, how many? More piglets,, how many? And lets not forget the goats and never to many. I have already purchased 2 babies a set of twins boy and girl for Anthony for his birthday. But need to add several more as I am looking to increase my milking herd, and meat herd.
The subject of raising our own meat always is first and foremost. What to raise, how many will we need to make a complete year for  farrow to freezer or chick to dump stick.

The discussion of raising 2 lambs  and 2 goats also for our own  meat. At some point a beef critter will be added and possibilities of a milking cow. I honestly miss my milking, and  the one on one time. The wholesome products received by your  hard work each day, is rewarding in seeing how it helps your family out.

The goats milk will add chesses and yogurts and soaps. Cows milk can do the same with an additions of whip cream, regular cream for coffee and butter.

My family eats quite healthy  we would go thru 4 pigs a year, a complete beef possibly more, 50+ chickens, several turkeys ,, 2 lambs and 2 goats.

If Rob could ever get the chance to hunt it would be great to add venison to the menu. Plus I plan on doing more fishing. I love fish, but my fear of snakes stops me from doing a lot of things. Especially brook fishing.. I know suck it up cup cake, their more afraid of you than you are of them,, Want to bet!!!!!!!

If I had to choose between all the things I do and could only pick one,,, a farmer would be it. I could give up just about everything else just to farm and homestead full time. Now to convince my husband it can be done is a whole different story.

I 100% love my animals and farming, growing my own food and living off the land. I work my Avon business and earn money from it,, but my heart is farming.. I had the chance to go on vacation last month to Florida and see my mom, we travel to an Amish community,, I was so in love with their  simple life style when I got near them I was star struck, almost couldn't contain my excitement.
To live totally off my land and raise everything we need is my dream. I honestly don't need the technology gadgets, I don't even need electricity. If I could live as the Amish or the Little house on the prairie days, I would be completely happy. Others around me aren't willing to give up the luxuries of in door plumbing and computers, cell phones and electricity. I am sure I would miss my phone as that is my contact with  my children and the computer lets me take classes and learn more about homesteading and recipes I wouldn't have access to other wise. So there are some draw back.

I could go back to yester year with all horse drawn equipment, a buggy to get back and forth to town to get supplies I can not grow. To take a step off the merry go round of life and learn  slow down and enjoy life. The hussle and bussle  doesn't get us any where. More stress , more bills, more health issues. I know I am a dying breed I know this.
I watch so many around me, get up go to work, come home go to bed only to get up and just go to work again, to pay for a lifestyle, well if your not stopping to smell the flowers along the way or listening to the new birds sing, how about noticing the new buds as  they unfold from a tree, what kind of life is it? If your so busy making a living you forget how to live, is it all worth it ?  Not to me! I want to sit on my deck, a cup of coffee in hand, I want to enjoy the sun rise in the morning , the sun set at night. I want to just gaze at a flower peeking thru the ground, watch bees as they pollenate my vegetable garden. I want to cut my own  fire wood and stack it in my wood shed, knowing this will keep my family warm the next cold winter. I want to cook on my  kitchen cook stove, to smell turkey roasting in the oven or a stew simmering on the top all day.  To be totally self sufficient is my whole dream.

We have plans for a new house up on our other lot. It will be a simpler home, more rustic and pioneer looking. Again stepping of the merry go round and  having basic things with no extra no clutter. Some things I cant get away from is a place to sew, a pantry,, this home we have now is in  need of more repairs than its worth to fix up. Plans are to tear it down  cap the basement and use it as a root cellar and storage.

Lots of  buildings this year, a new house, new wood shed and new barn are in order. In order to make the whole homesteading life work, we need a place to live, a place for the animals and a place for the wood.

Seeds have been ordered, now to wait for the snow to melt so we can get out there and work the soil.

Meat chickens and new layers have been ordered will be delivered the end of April.

Designs for the new green house have been made,, homesteading is a lot of work but in the end so worth it. Time for me to get bread rising and a couple pies baking.

I hope you all have a wonderful Day. Don't forget to just stop every once in awhile.

God Bless


The Simple Farm Girl


                                                      STEAMED BROWN BREAD

1/2 CUP LIGHT RYE FLOUR                                                           MAKES 1 LOAF

Boil 3" of water in a  pot with a lid. Make sure pot isn't so wide that a one  pound coffee can tip over.
Spray the inside of the coffee can with  a non stick oil.

In a large mixing bowl, stir together all ingredients in order listed.
Put batter in coffee can.  Cover can  with  tin foil and tie tightly, then place in  boiling water.
Cover pot and steam for 3 hours, replenishing water as needed.
Remove tin foil from can, and place in a preheated 300 degree oven for 7 minutes.
Remove bread from can by using a can opener and  opening the other end and pushing thru. Serve warm.

recipe taken from the
Coastal New England Fall Harvest Cooking

                                          SWEET CINNAMON STICKY BUNS

                                                                                                              MAKES 24 ROLLS
3/4 CUP 105* - 115* WATER

Beat eggs, water, yeast,2 tsp vanilla and oil. Rest in refrigerator 15 minutes. In a separate bowl, blend flour, salt, and sugar.
Make a well in the center of the flour mixture. pour in the liquid mixture. Work mixtures together, knead 2 minutes. Roll into a ball, cover and refrigerate for 2 1/2 hours.

Divide balls in half. On a lightly floured surface roll halves in to 1/2 inch by 12 inch rectangles. Brush with 3 tblsp melted butter ,, cover with cinnamon, sugar, nuts and raisins.

Roll into 12 inch long rolls, like a jelly roll.
Cut into 1 inch buns and lay flat in baking dish, sprayed with non stick oil.

Set in a warm location to rise until doubled in bulk.
 Bake at 350* for 20 minutes, then cool for 10 minutes.

Combine remaining ingredients, and spoon over each bun.


recipe taken for the

January 9,2015------memories

GOOD MORNING---- Its is snowing here on the mountain--again......
But its also 30 degrees warmer than yesterday this time. We are still only at 13 degrees.

Back by popular demand------------- RECIPES-----FROM THE FARM----------

so besides my regular blog,  I will have one complete sections for old timers recipes.
Recipes maybe our gramma used. Maybe from an ole church cook book.

I ---TOTALLY -------love old cook books.  Love just sinking in to a big ole chair on a cold winters day and searching for  recipes from a day gone by. Recipes and food people make faces about now a days.. Oh wait they aren't INSTANT... No instant food here from my kitchen. We have NO microwave.. My gramma didn't use a microwave.  Should we be eating food  that our grandparent would recognize as food or have ingredients we cant say? Hmmmm,,, nope I don't think so.
Take a walk down memory lane with me.. Can you relate?
What can you remember as a child some one special in your life cooking? Did you have favorites recipes that you love when it was made? Was there something you couldnt wait til it was finished so you could eat it.

I remember making homemade ice cream,, all us kids would crank, and crank whats seems like forever,, and the smaller ones would try to get out of helping til the very end,, cuz the last person to be cranking got to have the paddle in side.. Oh my have you ever had home made ice cream..  We have 4  old fashion ice cream makers.. Now I am going to have to get ingredients so my grand children and have that experience.

Today here we will be making Steam Brown Bread to go with the baked beans that will be made for tomorrow night.

Do you have any traditions?

Have an awesome day.

God Bless


simple farm girl

Well I am off to do chores and get the flour flying..LoL

January 6,2015

Good morning from a very cold mountain. Chilly has nothing to do with it.
Coffee was welcomed for sure, not sure it warmed the inside as well as keeping my hands warm.
Chores have been done. The pigs stayed toasty warm in their thick deep bedding of hay. I did give them another bale today to add to it. The new water system is working awesome right now. Knock on wood. I wont like the electric bill, but I guess I cant have it both ways, totally thawed and low bill when running heat tapes.
Now I need to work on Bobs water tank, his heater isn't working and his water is froze.

Chickens were happy to get the extra scoop of corn for breakfast. Glad to see their egg production has increased.

Right now we have a temperature of 1 degree, that doesn't included the fact its windy again today. I still have 1 cord of wood to stack and really need to get it done today because they are saying Thursday is going to be even colder. Lucky me. And Friday is more snow.
As much as I miss my goats I am sure glad I didn't have to go out and milk this morning. I would of had milk cubes as they hit the bucket. A nice warm milking room will be added to the barn for sure.

Thinking a nice thick hot corn chowder for tonight with cast iron skillet corn bread. Apple pie for dessert.

Been working on a few scrap quilt each night after supper. Getting a head start on Christmas. Everything will be handmade  home made. Every one has already been warned

Have a craving for some peanut butter cookies,, but trying to loose weight and they wont help the cause. Maybe just a tsp of peanut butter will cure the desire.

Well I better get busy,,, that wood isn't stacking itself. Keep me warm twice, stacking it and burning it.

Have a glorious day. Be kind to one another.

God Bless from Ledge Hill Farm

 The Simple Farm Girl

January 4, 2015

Good morning from the mountain.
A storm came thou last night , several inches have snow has fallen. It looks beautiful out there. Watching dogs try to walk  out there you realize there also is a heavy crust, sleet and freezing rain has fallen also. It is pretty though.

Homestead kitchen will be busy this morning.  Breakfast will be eggs over easy,  left over baked beans from last night supper (nice cold bean sandwich for lunch also),  Irish bacon or sweet sausage and grilled biscuits. What are you having?

Not many morning is Rob home to actually cook a good breakfast, so when he is I try to make sure its a good one.

We had a nice roasted chicken last night for supper so will strip the bones and make a chicken pot pie with some and a chicken stock and soup with the rest.

I will spend some time sewing today, I need a few more aprons, some with pockets and a couple more long skirts(that fit).
My daughter was designing 2 of my grand children their own personal aprons last night and gave  the idea to make some really cool funky ones but function able.

Need to set some bread to raising and also some raised doughnuts, I have some chocolate ganache I want to use up for the filling, ,yummy. Chocolate cup cakes will be made and given to the highway dept and town office to share. I love baking and many times  we don't need anything extra here but I still want to bake so I give it to people.

We talked in length last night about selling much of our meat to stores and restruants which means everything has to be USDA but right now that's where the money is. We do have several regular customers who buy their whole hogs from us. But I am interested into getting into more meats, goats and lambs, turkeys and chickens to be able to sell to the public.

Have been checking to different companies to get baby chicks from to get started. I have always used McMurrays and have great luck. We have return customers every year wanting my chicks or pullets so need to start thinking of those. Just cause its winter doesn't mean the work load is easier just different. Now its more brain work(as I said not easier) instead of physical.

I am very much looking for spring, I have gotten to the age where I don't need winter, snow or the cold. I would love to live here and have the temps never get below freezing and stay at a comfortable  70 year round. I know dreaming. Would be easier for my Nick also.

Would be able to breed year round and wouldn't have to worry about babies being born in winter and  freezing weather.

Searching seed catalogs this month getting orders out and ready, so when the ground is ready to be worked we are ready, no waiting for seeds to arrive.

Many new projects will take shape this year. Barns and pens, fencing and new little house. Wishing I had enough land to put each of my kids on each corner and have us all share in the bounty, Life would be easier for them and I could see my grandchildren all the time.

Well the coffee cup is empty , so that's y clue to get up and get busy, thanks for hanging out with me this morning.

Enjoy your day, stay safe, stay Blessed, be a Blessing when you can.

God Bless from Ledge Hill Farm


The Simple Farm Girl

Happy New Year 2015

Welcome 2015. In hopes this year brings exciting adventures to the farm.
I am hoping you all entered 2015 safely.
Ledge Hill Farm has had to make some changed in the latter part of 2014 which a lot were heart breaking. I ended up selling all my goats and rabbits, and beginning  of December we lost one of our big Belgians. Very sad time. The farm took a pretty big hit in July when a mircroburst  came right thru the whole farm and we lost alot of trees and pasture and shelters for the animals. In hoping 2015 will be easier on the farm and we can rebuild and get back to having goats and a few other animals.

Decided to get to farming full time,, as many times as I try to say I am done,, I am not. Farming, dirt, babies, haying, pig catching and milking and chores year round is just embedded deep in me.

So this year will be a serious,,, year for self sufficiency. No more processed foods from the store,,none notta... All meats will be raised on the farm. If you want a hot dog ya better hope I learn how to make them.
The white board has been written out and here is a look at some of the  additions to all the normal farm day to day things

Meat kritters to be grown here-  goats, lambs, pigs, beef kritter, chickens and turkeys

Will be replacing milking goat herd and a dairy cow.
all cheeses and butters and creams will be made on farm

chickens will provide eggs for baking and eating.

Have been working on DD Desserts to be able to sell more baked good from the farm also with all home grown ingredients.

Garden catalogs have been searched page by page to enhance our garden from last year. More beans and squashed and carrots, cabbage, potatoes for winter storage will be grown.
Many wood working projects need to be completed, addition on the front of the house with ramp, enclosed porch and addition for the cookstove and new chimneys.

Root cellar and smoke house are a few smaller projects but will have a big impact for us when finished.

The root cellar will be awesome, will make more room in pantry for products that have to be canned.

New barn for goats and sheep and shelters for the pigs in the pastures.  A hay barn addition the already big garage needs to be added this year in hopes Rob can have his garage back to be able to work on equipment in the winter.

A lot of work, but when done we can feel good about it all,,knowing we are providing for our family and giving them the best we can grow.

Itching for spring and to get started but as we are looking at a winter snow storm today, dreaming is all I can do. So working on quilting and sewing, knitting , crocheting will occupy my time til I can get out in the sun shine.

I hope 2015 brings you happiness and adventure and many smiles to share..

God Bless from Ledge Hill Farm

aka  The Simple Farm Girl

November 18,2014

Good morning from the mountain.
The sun has made its presence felt. Now if it would  stay around all day and melt the porch and stairs off.

Some of my readers know me some don't. If you do you know I am very much a Simple Farm Girl hence my nick name, I am a pioneer at heart..

I have been asked questions a lot about how I came to love this life style of farming and working so hard to want to live a simple lifestyle in this day in age.

How did I become this way. I believe I was born in the  wrong century. I could of live as the pioneers did. If I had my way we would step back in time.

I prefer horse and buggy to a truck. I prefer milking my goats and cow(when I had them) to going to the store and buying a product that is already weeks old.

I would do all my cooking on my kitchen cook stove. Have an out side fireplace for summer cooking

If I could have my homestead exactly as I would like you would step back in time as you enter the driveway.
You would find hitching post for the horses. You would find children running around, giggling  enjoying the  simple things in life.

 You would find fresh laundry blowing on the clothesline.
You would smell home made breads and pies sitting and cooling .
 Fresh butter have been made.

Can you hear the giggles and laughter of the children as we make homemade ice cream and  everyone wants to be the last one to turn the handle cuz that person gets the big paddle in side coated with ice cream. Shut your eyes and relax,, step back with me. No phone will be ringing, no ipad, ipod, and tablets, no computers to intrupt a day in the sun.

You will find chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese, pigs ,lambs ,goats and milk and beef cows. We would raise what we need with a extra to share with friends and family and bartering.

 You would see a  smoke house, root cellar  and a out house.

There would be no preservative in our food. Processed foods would come from the smoke house , as we cure our bacon, hams , make brines for meats.
There would be no over weight issues for any of us. Work would be done with manual labor not sitting on our back side.
  At the end of a day you would be tired from a good days work not because you are bored.
Sundays would be set aside for family and visiting. A day for the body to rest for the week ahead
this would be my world if I had  it the way I would like.

But in reality, I cant have it all my way. None of us can. I need a phone because I have a son who has medical issues which have needed  medical attention in the past. So phone is something that is needed. My computer, I use to gather information on seeds, recipes. Talk with like minded pioneer spirited people. Friends and family who aren't close to me any more,, some aren't just a buggy ride away any more.

As I get older my way of living looks better every day. Rob is coming around to my way of thinking. Climbing up and down off that log truck is starting to get to him. He needs to ramble around the woods a bit and get some exercise and get back to nature.. He will loose his weight and feel better.

It is my dream to live as they did in the pioneer days. Each day I can something for winters use, each day I can gather eggs from my own farm and not purchase from a store, I am getting closer.

So next year I will have my goats back. A beef kritter, a milk cow, plenty of chickens, turkeys and ducks. Lambs for wools and eating . Everything will have a purpose.

Thank you for asking questions, thanks for sharing my dream life. Never give up on your dreams.. Some day I will have my total dream life,,some day working towards it every day

Winter has arrived

Winter has arrived on the mountain.
Needless to say, I am not ready. I now this comes as no surprise. Even if I had several more months ,,probably still wouldn't be ready. I know lets just skip winter this and call it good.

Have been working hard on the farm  barn yard getting it ready for snow. The yard for the most part (where the snow goes)  has been picked up. Do you notice you get so use to something ya just don't notice how cluttered its is actually getting?

Here it seems if it has a flat surface its got something on it. My husband says I have my pilets (pile its) license. He can be funny some times,, this is not one of them.

Garden is covered in new fertilizer for next year. Piglets have a new clean pen for the winter. Only 10 this year compared to 22 last year.
Horses are home now and filling back out and looking good, winter coat will keep them warm.
Chickens coop is closed in and their out side run is tarped over to keep some of the winters chill off of them.

Heart broken I sold all my goats and rabbits. But will start over again  next year when they can go in the pasture and be fenced trained and have a new barn.

Taking care of squash and potatoes today. Hauling them down here and putting them in the back room. Its dark and cool in there and hoping they will survive the winter.

Canned over 700 jars of vegetable and meat this year. All will taste awesome this winter as the winds howl up here.

Set up the basement as my craft room and Avon office this year. Needed some place to get away and work. Step back in time to a peaceful place. When its finished it will be nice and everything will have a place. Nice to be able to see my yarns and fabric out and be able to access them easily.

I have been doing a lot of baking, besides crafts and animals. Trying to get the baking up and running a little more. Wedding and birthday cakes have been a big hit this year.

Going to be doing more canning today if I have to take care of the jars they might as well have something in it. Squash first. Going to be making some bread. Picked up a new cook book magazine yesterday all about baking  so want to try a few different recipes. I really get tired and bored doing the same thing over and over again. Nice to change it up once in awhile.

Just wanted to check in,,,its been a long time. I figured I pay for this web page I ought to actually use it.

I hope you have an awesome day.

Stay safe

God Bless


The Simple Farm Girl

Oh Miss Spring

Hello again from the farm.
The calendar says Spring has arrived. My yard does not agree.

The weatherman is not being so nice this week either. As I have heard another storm will knock on NH door Wednesday and Thursday.

We have got to the point where we should of started our seeds but haven't yet because we have so much snow.
At this rate we will have snow until late May.

The orders have come in and the packages sit in the boxes just waiting to be warmed in the sun and soak up some much needed soil.

We have added to our goat herd this year. More milking goats,,less pets.

We now also have a nice array of bunnies.

Its that time of year again to start looking into adding to the chicken flock . Fresh new layers an many more meat breeds.
 The pigs we grew all winter are finally big enough to go to freezer camp..
So here I sit looking out the front door dreaming of warmer days. When the sun rises and the temperatures reach a beautiful warm enjoyable day.  Come on Miss Spring show your gorgeous face...

Have a wonderful day

The Simple Farm Girl

First full day of fall

 Good afternoon from the mountain. Today from the calendar is the first full day of fall. Well let me tell ya,, its been warmer in December.
 It is barely 40 degrees and the wind chill well  let say if it were raining  I would be seeing snow flakes.
Kitchen stove is burning, comfortable in the house. Dreading the loads of blankets that are headed to the clothes line,, my hands will freeze. Guessing time to make some mittens to fit my hands.
I have a nice turkey soup simmering on the wood stove and biscuits to go with it shortly.
Good day to do some baking also, if I have to burn the wood, might as well make something in the oven.
Got the new stove pipe today for the wood furnace, the new blower motor should be here this week. Be nice to have it going , take the chill off the basement. Rob needs to move log trailer around so he can get the wood close to the house an dump it so I can stack it inside for the winter. No pawing through snow for this farm girl,,, have done it to many winters. He was informed 15 cords of wood please. Weather man says bad winter and lots of snow,,, I am not hunting for wood in the snow.
Took pictures today of the changing colors up on the mountain. Pretty soon they will be all changed and look like a fall  patch work quilt. here is a picture outside my driveway Looking at Mt Cardigan and the mountain range. Just beautiful.
Just wanted to stop in and say hello,, hope your all safe and warm..
God Bless -- take care of each other
simple farm girl

First day of Fall

Welcome to fall. Our colors here in NH have started changing. The mountains change more each day. Cooler nights and warm days are helping the process.
The vivid colors of deep red and bright oranges and yellows will soon be all we see.
Its like God puts a beautiful patch work quilt of fall colors for us to enjoy before the winter of white comes to visit.
The farm has been very busy with lots of canning going on. This week has found  everyone with tints of orange to our hands,, carrots were seen in our sleep.
The green beans, pickled eggs, stewed tomatoes, now carrots are finished for the year unless we are blessed with more gifts of them.
Last week we did the meat birds 10 were placed in  the freezer, 8 processed for canning. Then we ended up we 6 jars of wonderful stock for soups and meat pies. Some of the drum sticks from the chickens look like they came from turkeys instead of chickens.
I do believe next year we will do 2 different batches of birds since we will be putting food up for 4 families. Just easier spring set and then a fall set.
Would like to raise 12 turkeys also,, we eat turkeys year round not just for a holiday. Would love to be able to put some up in jars also.
Cutting back on the number of laying hens we will have, in do all the figures we sold a lot of eggs but when the numbers were in we still lost money. If we have what the families will use and just sell the extra if any,, makes more since. I am keeping my ducks,, I love using duck eggs in my baking.
In another month or so the 4 adult pigs will be processed. We have replaced them already with 8 piglets. We will keep them thru the winter and sell and process the rest for spring and summer food. In the spring we want to get enough to put in the top pasture to help with clearing the stumps and fertilizing at the same time.
And the process will start all over again.
Plans for the farm next year are awesome. All animals will be moved up back and be able to be more free ranged in the pasture and have more gardens down here in the main part of the yard. More vegetable, flowers and herb gardens.  Hoping to get a few hives of bees also.
One more step in being self sufficient. Less dependent on the stores.
Anyone who says living simple has never tried beating the rain to get hay in, watching the rain wash out your gardens. Sun dry out everything til its crispy.
Waited for new liters to be born and depending all  to be healthy to be able to sell some to make the animals pay for them selves. Farming is hard work, but at the end of the day I wouldn't live any other way.
I have lived in the (city), I have dressed in the high heels, and wore the make up and dressed, and this was how I was expected to dress. An image to uphold, guess what,, if I don't brush my hair before I feed the kritters they don't say a word. If I go in grumpy and just sit with my goats,, I come out happier. I have the best co-worker around. Well they might get a little pushy and climb in my lap once in awhile,, but hey how can ya beat and little pig coming over and laying at ya feet waiting for a belly rubbing. Or even kisses from the goats. I have a flock of chicks who follow me around like I am their best friend. LOL. Especially when I have the scratch feed bucket in my hand.
Well ok guess I have bent your ear enough. I have a canner full of tomatoes which are now ready to be cooled and moved to the shelves. A pile of laundry waiting to be hung in the sunshine, while it still can be.
I pray you have a blessed week and enjoy life to its fullest.
God Bless
simple farm girl

March 29,2013 Good Friday

Good morning from the mountain. a beautiful sun rise was enjoyed, pinks and white, hues of purple and blues.. Just beautiful.  The sun is now shining thru the front window. The warmth is nice. Happy Good Friday to all who believe. and for those who dont,, I still hope you have a good Friday.
Today is the 145 day for my goats so hoping the rest of the eight that are due will deliver by this weekend,, then we will be done til next round. I believe that the 2 that delivered months earlier might be bred again.
We do now have 5 pigs,, not quite piglets a bit bigger but not big pigs yet either. It is nice to have pigs on the farm again. They will be tasty this winter.
trying to get a goat milking stand built so I can start milking a few of my girls. Have a friend willing to teach me to how to make cheese and yogurt.
We  also picked up 41 baby chicks on Tuesday so they would be next years layers.
So far we have 6 new babies out side and still the 2 twins inside. Several set of twins, 1 set of triplets with only one making it fromthem. sad when babies die, life has a way of taking care of things. Patrick and clover are twins, Tammy and Laura, another set, Daffodil was a single birth and Bubba J was the only buck out of the triplets. Born months ago , Puddin and Emily and the twins Rosie and Pearl.  8 more does to deliver. We are blessed to have does take the lead this year.
Mud season has arrived and our driveway is very wet. But we arent minding because that means the snow is melting. We still have over 2-3 feet of snow in places. Driving thru different towns off the mountain ,there is no snow.. Only bare ground we have is the driveway.
Well I guess the coffee cup is empty and that  is my clue to get busy. The girls are lined up at the fence looking for breakfast. See the wind is blowing be glad when the sun is warmer tha the wind is cold.
You all have an awesome day chores, house work, ironing,baking and Nick to dr's are on the schedule today..
God Bless

March 2013

Here is a picture of the newest residents to Ledge Hill Farm. Monday we added a set of twins. My grand daughter Emma got to name them as it was her birthday. We have Clover and Patrick. The 20th we have Daffodil.Expecting more this weekend. We have 7 so far.
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