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June 2011

Amish Whoopie Pie Pecipe

Amish Whoopie Pie Recipe
2 cups sugar
1 cup shortening
2 eggs
4 cups flour
1 cup baking cocoa
2 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup sour milk
2 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup hot water
1. Cream shortening,sugar. Add eggs.
2. sift together flour,cocoa, salt
3. Add to creamed mixture alternately with sour milk.
4. Add vanilla and dissolve soda in hot water and add last. Mix well.
5. drop by rounded teaspoonfuls onto a cookie sheet.
Bake at 400 for 8-20 minutes
6. let cool and then fill with whoopie pie filling or your own cream filling

Glorious Morning on the Mountian- June22,2011

Welcome to summer. As I tried to post yesterday but life got int the way. LOL.. We welcomed summer by running errands and working in the garden, which is a place I would  like to spend some time also today. As I am trying to type this the sun is peaking in my front window very brightly and now I am in the middle of a sneezing fit.
Yesterday morning our big horse Bob needed to be walked for awhile we just thought he might of got some sour hay from the round bale and after a 2 mile walk and finally he went to the bathroom, I felt better and so did he. I got exercise I need  and he got to spend some time out of the round pen.
I am so excited, I am hoping to get a couple new pets for the farm  in the near future. A alpaca farm is giving away some of its stock and  I have made inquiries about a couple, I think they  would make wonderful addition to the petting farm. And another excuse for a spinning wheel.
I need to find as many avenues to bring money into the farm as possible. I cant afford  to get a "regular job" with Nick who at any point could need me home. So the farm, the gardens and sewing baking has to bring money in.Besides there is no time for a regular type job off the farm if I want to continue farming. Which is my passion anyways.
Those of you who work your homestead, how do you make extra money? What are some of the things you have found to be helpful in being more independent. I am trying to make us as self suffient as possible. With the animals we get all our eggs and , I do milk a goat(Rob wont drink goats milk) he has never tasted good clean milk so he wont try it (yet). We do raise our own chickens and beef. And I work in the garden as much as possible. I have alot of things growing. I have learn it better to grow just a few things well than to grow alot and not be good at it.  Not having the gardens on site hurts the amount of time I get in them,, but am very apprecative of having garden space else where.
Trying to find time to put things on the farm stand, its only open on weekends right now as there isnt enough traffic to have it open during the week yet. After  July 4th it will be.
Need to make more laundry soap today and find a good one for dishes. Tired of buying bubbles and perfume smelling soap for my dishes ,, then they have to be re-rinsed to get the taste of the soap off of them.
What kinds of things are you changing this year on your farm or homestead, are you adding new things, trying a different approach to an old idea?
Well I do believe I have spent enough time on the computer for one setting. Laundry is screaming to be hung out and dishes need to be finished, then its baking to do, pumpkin pie and probably cinnamon rolls and some bread since we are out.
I pray you all have a wonderful day
God Bless

Marvelous Monday- June 20,2011

Good Glorious Morning, I pray you all had a splendid weekend. The weather here was just perfect for haying. We have several field cut and will be baling one this afternoon. I am so happy to see the hay finally getting started. It does mean alot of tractor time for me, but in the end its worth it. I so enjoy my animals and haying is part of their diet, so we do as we have to.
My garden needs some attending to and that will be done also today in between tedding and raking. I didnt get to spend much time at home this weekend, so I need to get caught up and few minutes on here them I am off for the day getting things done.
Its amazing how 3 teenagers can sit  home and be in the house all weekend and  not do anything unless they are told. Totally amazes me.
But the sun is shining and no need to complain, it wont do any good. The floors and dishes,laundry and beds will all be done shortly, laundry will be running shortly, I dont want to wake Sami if she is finally sleeping with the sound from the washer.
Hoping to get to garden before 9 so I can plant a few more thing and then its off to go in circles a few times tedding hay, so we can bale it this afternoon.
Going to try this week to make bagels for  the first time. My family has decided they are going to eat bagels every day I think I need to learn to make them. For this morning black berry muffins will smell up the house and  a couple batches of cookies. I need to finish a couple batches of donuts just dont have time this morning for these, Maybe tomorrow.
The farm stand is open mostly on weekends for baked good and such, the eggs and craft items are out there. If any one comes for eggs they are in the red cooler under the bench inside the farm stand, help yourself its the honor system.
Took several trips to our local Tractor Supply store yesterday and picked up a few more magazines to read.  BackHome,,Countryside,,and Grit, I just love these books. I learn new things every time I read them.
I am looking into homeschooling the grandchildren when they come over this summer to help them with their education and areas they may seem to be having trouble in before they go back. So looking into a  few didnt ideas in those areas, have made some wonderful new friends on facebook  in the homeschooling areas, I am sure they are a wealth of information.
As much as I would love to sit here I really must get busy. The sun is shining and it beckons a couple loads of laundry to be put on the  clothesline, How can I resist.
I pray you all have a wonderful  day and enjoy it in what you happen to be doing today.
God Bless

June 10th,2011- Its night time

Wow, its been a long day. I usually sit and post in the morning while either everyone is still sleeping or have gone on with their day.
I find myself very tired tonight,physicaly and emotionally. It has been a long week.
This weekend will be spent preparing for my youngest daughters baby shower. Samantha is due on July 4th. She is starting to get uncomfortable. I am excited to have a new baby in the house. We if all is correct be welcoming Lily-Anna Marie Jenness. This will be Sami's first baby, she says her only, we will see as time will tell. Her shower will be Sunday afternoon at out beautiful village church vestry.
I have her cake all thought out in my head now to place that all on a cake and have it look the same.LOL Gracious only God knows how to make my hands do  what he puts in my head.
My house is quiet tonight only Rob and Nick are home. No Anthony and my heart misses him. It has been nice to have my  oldest daughter and her babies here with me this week. Robbie has gone to spend the weekend with his mom.
I am tired tonight  I did alot of pushing , pulling and shoving today. had to go buy a round bale of hay and  push it out of the back of my pickup and roll it into the pasture area, then place the hay ring around it. Manage to get Dot and Lucy in the corral with the 2 horses and Jacob the bull. Later in the afternoon the 2 calves let me get them in.
Set up a new to me kennel for the goats. I have Annie and Lily in one big pen and Abby an Deanna in the kennel area. Hemmi,Molly and the twins are on the outside and Daisy and her newest baby(buck) are safe in the horse trailer. Hit my self in the right cheek today with the corral panel this afternoon after I got Knickers in with his momma. Makes for a very  sore check. I notice I am falling asleep typing so I better stop soon. I will finish tomorrow. I pray you all have a wonderful night, Sleep well
God Bless

Recipe of the Day-LACY OATMEAL COOKIES-June 9th

 Going to try this, no promises I will get one  on here everyday,  Some days I can barley get my blog on here a couple times a weekly.
Today is:::::::
A classic old favorite
2 and 1/4 cup old fashion oatmeal                     1/2 teaspoon salt
2 and 1/4 cups brown sugar                                  1/2 pound butter, melted
3 tablespoons flour                                                    1 egg, beaten
                                                                                             1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Combine the oatmeal,sugar,flour,and , salt, stir. Now add egg,melted butter, and vanilla.
Drop, spacing well apart by teaspoonfulls on a well greased and floured cookie sheet.
Bake for 12 minutes in a 325 degree oven. Use a spatula or pancake turner to remove from the sheet.

Thunder showers- June 9th, 2011

Good Morning.I pray your day is going great.
We have had a tropical breeze blowing all night. It truly was  wonderful with the temps we had yesterday, which are only to be higher today. We just finish a bummer of a thunder shower, nothing to brag  about and write home about. The baby calf didnt even high tail it to the barn. It did  rain last night so i am hoping the garden got a good drink, but I am afraid i need to go water it.
The heat from yesterday  was hard on the pregnant does, I never see them pant so much. They laid in on the concrete floor of the barn to stay cool. Now that this thunder storm has passed the breeze has stopped and the bright light from above is gleaming thru the clouds, announcing to the world its going to be another hot one.
I have dishes soaking wanted to wait till thunder storm passed before i played in much water. I have been hit by lighting while talking on the phone as a kid, it hurts, its not something you forget or want to experience twice. Unlike a friend of mine who lives here in our town poster her momma was out tilling the ground in the lighting storm. Only Myla could get away with it.
I have ironing to do shortly after dishes are finished and a few loads to hang out, almost caught up. My new granddaughter will be making her arrival into this big ole world anytime and I want everything done and caught up so theres no excuses why i cant spoil her.
Going to make a meat pie for supper, found a case of our canned meats in the pantry last week thought maybe i would try some out. Will do some other baking today also, we need bread and I am sure the bosses want more cinnamon rolls.
Need to find time to make a full apron again , I love my first one, looks almost like a dress i happen to have a habit of wiping my hands on my apron and a full one covers the backs of my skirts.
My guinea hens and meat birds are growing wonderfully. Never raised guinea from chicks, they a nervous little buggers. My friend that hatches them out has had turkeys hatching,, cant wait would like to have 12 before I am done, one a month. I plan on canning my meat birds. We eat alot of meat pies and soups,stews in winter months this way they are all cooked. Plus making the stews and canning them will solve a whole meals problem at once.
Just was looking over recipes, maybe some raised donuts would be good today also, chocolate filling, the big boss he like banana. We will see what I have time for.
Anthony,Faithy and Pk should be around noon time. I should be able to get my work done by then.Other than this there is nothing different same ole stuff just a different day. LOL
I hope you all have a great day, stay safe, and cool. remember the pets and livestock in the heat. Dont forget to watch the little children and the elderly,, check on them make sure they are staying hydrated,, be a good neighbor, friend..

Another weeks starts- June 6th,2011

Another weeks is off and running. I pray you all had a nice weekend.
If your a farmer,mother,dad,caretaker of people or kritters, there is no weekend. I am not sure where my week ends and the next begins. They all run together.
Days off arent something we see alot of. Whether it is 20 below or 100 in the shade our  days are the same, chores might be a little different but some one or thing depends on us to take care of it.
It was a beautiful "weekend" my pasture is pretty green now so the cows can go up and enjoy the lush green grass. The goats need to follow and stay in the pasture also. 8.5 acres and they all want to stroll the end of the driveway by the road or as Lucy and Hunter did  yesterday cross the road.
Watching an adorable sight this morning, Hazel and Mack are jumping on Abby. I dont think she really enjoyed being woke up.The twins are full of it today they are jumping and twisting all about. It will be cute when Hemmi has her babies then we will have another little one or two.
Hay season has started and very glad. This buying hay is getting very expensive at 200.00 a week. Gets old really quick.
Blessed got the biggest apart of the garden in in town this weekend. Only a few rows of peas to go. Then load up the tiller and off to the next one, All this has to be done this week.
As soon we will have a new baby in the house. Miss Lilly can make her arrival any day. Samanthas baby shower is this Sunday, She is due July 4th. She has already dropped. Very blessed to have so many people give Sami clothes for Lilly, she is a very spoiled baby already and not born yet. Cant wait to have another baby in the house. I miss Anthony he has gone to his moms. I miss the morning routine of him calling for me from his crib. Gramma I up here.  I get up now. Sometimes his timing is a little off like at 2 am.
Today will be filled with appointments for Sami and errands. Hoping to stay home most of the rest of the week. Gas is expensive and Rob has his new tractor being delivered to his bosses tomorrow, so there goes spending money. I have all my seeds at the moment, except seed potatoes those are a must.
Well my quiet time is almost at its end. Time to wake everyone for school and work. Time for a refill on the coffee and get this day started, dishes and laundry to begin with, sewing for a few minutes between loads. My oldest daughter and babies will be here shortly also. Errands and then home.
I pray you all have a wonderful day
God Bless

WOW The Sun- June 4th 2011

Good Morning. The day has begun for me for the 3rd time. Suppose to a great weekend. Did alot of work yesterday. Helped my daughter move a truck load of belongings to her new place. Worked in the garden a bit. Today will be a garden day and Rob will be working on the last end of the hay equipment and mowing the field across from his boss as the shake down run for all the new equipment. Be nice to start haying so we can stop buying hay.
Robbie is home from his class trip to Washington DC with his class. He arrived home last night at 11:40pm we ever got home till after midnight. Might of been home a few minutes early if our guide walked a little fast. We followed a long legged cow moose up our road for a good 1/2 mile. Guess she figured at that time of night there shouldnt of been any traffic and she took her sweet time.
Anthony is playing horsey ride on my foot.
Need to finish another new skirt, need to make it a little shorter so I dont always have to pick it up to walk. Headed to the garden to finish planting today, need to get this one done so I can start the one up the street.
Going to take the cows to pasture here in a few minutes. Let all the goats out. Feed and water everyone for the morning.
Need to find some fence poles  to use as stakes for my peas and beans.
Well the day is in full swing so I should get off here and get busy
Hope you all have a great day
God Bless
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