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January 2015


                                                      STEAMED BROWN BREAD

1/2 CUP LIGHT RYE FLOUR                                                           MAKES 1 LOAF

Boil 3" of water in a  pot with a lid. Make sure pot isn't so wide that a one  pound coffee can tip over.
Spray the inside of the coffee can with  a non stick oil.

In a large mixing bowl, stir together all ingredients in order listed.
Put batter in coffee can.  Cover can  with  tin foil and tie tightly, then place in  boiling water.
Cover pot and steam for 3 hours, replenishing water as needed.
Remove tin foil from can, and place in a preheated 300 degree oven for 7 minutes.
Remove bread from can by using a can opener and  opening the other end and pushing thru. Serve warm.

recipe taken from the
Coastal New England Fall Harvest Cooking

                                          SWEET CINNAMON STICKY BUNS

                                                                                                              MAKES 24 ROLLS
3/4 CUP 105* - 115* WATER

Beat eggs, water, yeast,2 tsp vanilla and oil. Rest in refrigerator 15 minutes. In a separate bowl, blend flour, salt, and sugar.
Make a well in the center of the flour mixture. pour in the liquid mixture. Work mixtures together, knead 2 minutes. Roll into a ball, cover and refrigerate for 2 1/2 hours.

Divide balls in half. On a lightly floured surface roll halves in to 1/2 inch by 12 inch rectangles. Brush with 3 tblsp melted butter ,, cover with cinnamon, sugar, nuts and raisins.

Roll into 12 inch long rolls, like a jelly roll.
Cut into 1 inch buns and lay flat in baking dish, sprayed with non stick oil.

Set in a warm location to rise until doubled in bulk.
 Bake at 350* for 20 minutes, then cool for 10 minutes.

Combine remaining ingredients, and spoon over each bun.


recipe taken for the

January 9,2015------memories

GOOD MORNING---- Its is snowing here on the mountain--again......
But its also 30 degrees warmer than yesterday this time. We are still only at 13 degrees.

Back by popular demand------------- RECIPES-----FROM THE FARM----------

so besides my regular blog,  I will have one complete sections for old timers recipes.
Recipes maybe our gramma used. Maybe from an ole church cook book.

I ---TOTALLY -------love old cook books.  Love just sinking in to a big ole chair on a cold winters day and searching for  recipes from a day gone by. Recipes and food people make faces about now a days.. Oh wait they aren't INSTANT... No instant food here from my kitchen. We have NO microwave.. My gramma didn't use a microwave.  Should we be eating food  that our grandparent would recognize as food or have ingredients we cant say? Hmmmm,,, nope I don't think so.
Take a walk down memory lane with me.. Can you relate?
What can you remember as a child some one special in your life cooking? Did you have favorites recipes that you love when it was made? Was there something you couldnt wait til it was finished so you could eat it.

I remember making homemade ice cream,, all us kids would crank, and crank whats seems like forever,, and the smaller ones would try to get out of helping til the very end,, cuz the last person to be cranking got to have the paddle in side.. Oh my have you ever had home made ice cream..  We have 4  old fashion ice cream makers.. Now I am going to have to get ingredients so my grand children and have that experience.

Today here we will be making Steam Brown Bread to go with the baked beans that will be made for tomorrow night.

Do you have any traditions?

Have an awesome day.

God Bless


simple farm girl

Well I am off to do chores and get the flour flying..LoL

January 6,2015

Good morning from a very cold mountain. Chilly has nothing to do with it.
Coffee was welcomed for sure, not sure it warmed the inside as well as keeping my hands warm.
Chores have been done. The pigs stayed toasty warm in their thick deep bedding of hay. I did give them another bale today to add to it. The new water system is working awesome right now. Knock on wood. I wont like the electric bill, but I guess I cant have it both ways, totally thawed and low bill when running heat tapes.
Now I need to work on Bobs water tank, his heater isn't working and his water is froze.

Chickens were happy to get the extra scoop of corn for breakfast. Glad to see their egg production has increased.

Right now we have a temperature of 1 degree, that doesn't included the fact its windy again today. I still have 1 cord of wood to stack and really need to get it done today because they are saying Thursday is going to be even colder. Lucky me. And Friday is more snow.
As much as I miss my goats I am sure glad I didn't have to go out and milk this morning. I would of had milk cubes as they hit the bucket. A nice warm milking room will be added to the barn for sure.

Thinking a nice thick hot corn chowder for tonight with cast iron skillet corn bread. Apple pie for dessert.

Been working on a few scrap quilt each night after supper. Getting a head start on Christmas. Everything will be handmade  home made. Every one has already been warned

Have a craving for some peanut butter cookies,, but trying to loose weight and they wont help the cause. Maybe just a tsp of peanut butter will cure the desire.

Well I better get busy,,, that wood isn't stacking itself. Keep me warm twice, stacking it and burning it.

Have a glorious day. Be kind to one another.

God Bless from Ledge Hill Farm

 The Simple Farm Girl

January 4, 2015

Good morning from the mountain.
A storm came thou last night , several inches have snow has fallen. It looks beautiful out there. Watching dogs try to walk  out there you realize there also is a heavy crust, sleet and freezing rain has fallen also. It is pretty though.

Homestead kitchen will be busy this morning.  Breakfast will be eggs over easy,  left over baked beans from last night supper (nice cold bean sandwich for lunch also),  Irish bacon or sweet sausage and grilled biscuits. What are you having?

Not many morning is Rob home to actually cook a good breakfast, so when he is I try to make sure its a good one.

We had a nice roasted chicken last night for supper so will strip the bones and make a chicken pot pie with some and a chicken stock and soup with the rest.

I will spend some time sewing today, I need a few more aprons, some with pockets and a couple more long skirts(that fit).
My daughter was designing 2 of my grand children their own personal aprons last night and gave  the idea to make some really cool funky ones but function able.

Need to set some bread to raising and also some raised doughnuts, I have some chocolate ganache I want to use up for the filling, ,yummy. Chocolate cup cakes will be made and given to the highway dept and town office to share. I love baking and many times  we don't need anything extra here but I still want to bake so I give it to people.

We talked in length last night about selling much of our meat to stores and restruants which means everything has to be USDA but right now that's where the money is. We do have several regular customers who buy their whole hogs from us. But I am interested into getting into more meats, goats and lambs, turkeys and chickens to be able to sell to the public.

Have been checking to different companies to get baby chicks from to get started. I have always used McMurrays and have great luck. We have return customers every year wanting my chicks or pullets so need to start thinking of those. Just cause its winter doesn't mean the work load is easier just different. Now its more brain work(as I said not easier) instead of physical.

I am very much looking for spring, I have gotten to the age where I don't need winter, snow or the cold. I would love to live here and have the temps never get below freezing and stay at a comfortable  70 year round. I know dreaming. Would be easier for my Nick also.

Would be able to breed year round and wouldn't have to worry about babies being born in winter and  freezing weather.

Searching seed catalogs this month getting orders out and ready, so when the ground is ready to be worked we are ready, no waiting for seeds to arrive.

Many new projects will take shape this year. Barns and pens, fencing and new little house. Wishing I had enough land to put each of my kids on each corner and have us all share in the bounty, Life would be easier for them and I could see my grandchildren all the time.

Well the coffee cup is empty , so that's y clue to get up and get busy, thanks for hanging out with me this morning.

Enjoy your day, stay safe, stay Blessed, be a Blessing when you can.

God Bless from Ledge Hill Farm


The Simple Farm Girl

Happy New Year 2015

Welcome 2015. In hopes this year brings exciting adventures to the farm.
I am hoping you all entered 2015 safely.
Ledge Hill Farm has had to make some changed in the latter part of 2014 which a lot were heart breaking. I ended up selling all my goats and rabbits, and beginning  of December we lost one of our big Belgians. Very sad time. The farm took a pretty big hit in July when a mircroburst  came right thru the whole farm and we lost alot of trees and pasture and shelters for the animals. In hoping 2015 will be easier on the farm and we can rebuild and get back to having goats and a few other animals.

Decided to get to farming full time,, as many times as I try to say I am done,, I am not. Farming, dirt, babies, haying, pig catching and milking and chores year round is just embedded deep in me.

So this year will be a serious,,, year for self sufficiency. No more processed foods from the store,,none notta... All meats will be raised on the farm. If you want a hot dog ya better hope I learn how to make them.
The white board has been written out and here is a look at some of the  additions to all the normal farm day to day things

Meat kritters to be grown here-  goats, lambs, pigs, beef kritter, chickens and turkeys

Will be replacing milking goat herd and a dairy cow.
all cheeses and butters and creams will be made on farm

chickens will provide eggs for baking and eating.

Have been working on DD Desserts to be able to sell more baked good from the farm also with all home grown ingredients.

Garden catalogs have been searched page by page to enhance our garden from last year. More beans and squashed and carrots, cabbage, potatoes for winter storage will be grown.
Many wood working projects need to be completed, addition on the front of the house with ramp, enclosed porch and addition for the cookstove and new chimneys.

Root cellar and smoke house are a few smaller projects but will have a big impact for us when finished.

The root cellar will be awesome, will make more room in pantry for products that have to be canned.

New barn for goats and sheep and shelters for the pigs in the pastures.  A hay barn addition the already big garage needs to be added this year in hopes Rob can have his garage back to be able to work on equipment in the winter.

A lot of work, but when done we can feel good about it all,,knowing we are providing for our family and giving them the best we can grow.

Itching for spring and to get started but as we are looking at a winter snow storm today, dreaming is all I can do. So working on quilting and sewing, knitting , crocheting will occupy my time til I can get out in the sun shine.

I hope 2015 brings you happiness and adventure and many smiles to share..

God Bless from Ledge Hill Farm

aka  The Simple Farm Girl

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